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We are a family from Puerto Natales city, located in the Chilean Patagonia. We founded our company in 2007 with the construction of our first vessel, the Explorador Patagonia.
Then in 2010, due to the demand for a larger boat, we designed and built the Explorador Patagonia II.
We currently have the two vessels fully equipped with all the confortable and necessary facilities to deliver the best service, of a high quality and at the forefront.
Our company and its name "Patagonian Explorers" comes from the idea of innovating in the service of nautical tourism in the Patagonian fjords and channels, taking our clients to unexplored corners with the most beautiful, natural and unique landscapes.
We pool our knowledge, experience and desire to make our trips a memorable and unique experience, complemented with the natural beauty that can be seen during our voyages and activities.
He is the father of the family and the founder of the company. He lived in Puerto Eden (a little village in the channels) and he sailed through the patagonian fjords and channel during 12 years. Later he had two fishing boats which he used to transport principally sea urchins and king krabs, for 5 years.
During all this time he felt that those places he knew in the patagonian fjords and channels were so unique that he should show it to other people, so he decides to create his touristic company and take his clients to the most impresive spots he knows.
He is the middle son. From his 3 years old he navigates with his father throughout the patagonian channels. Since very little he worked as a fisherman during his vacations until he turned 18.
When he was 16, he was an exchange student in the united States, where he learnt the language, making him interested in tourism. He studied Ecotourism in the Magallanes University, then he graduated in Cultural and Biological Diversity Diploma, also in Wilderness First Responder (WRF), between other courses. Now he combines his passion in outdoor activities and tourism, being a trekking guide in Torres del Paine national Park and in our voyages, as well.
He really likes to navigate and take the tourist to those spots where he grew up.
He is Hector Diaz father's brother. He also lived in Puerto Eden during 5 years, and he sailed throughout the patagonian fjords and channels. Later he was the Captain of his brother's fishing boats, navigating over 6 years without stopping to all the patagonian corners.
Currently he is the captain of the vessels in the Patagonian Explorer adventures.
He is already part of the family. For over 17 years he worked as a fisherman, being recognized in Puerto Natales by his experience in the ocean and the channels but specially by his great labor in his job , what gives him his nickname
He is the engineer and crew of our travels, who is always willing to cooperate at all times.
Being the best in our area, offering innovative programs with varied adventure activities in our trips, visiting unexplored places in the Patagonian fjords and channels, taking our clients to live unforgettable experiences, giving the best service, with the best comfort and the best meals with a personal and excellence attention on board.
Additionally we give the possibility to our clients to charter our services and go wherever they wish
Being recognized nationally and internationally as the best company to give transportation service and adventure tourism in the Patagonian fjords and channels, being at the forefront and giving always the best service to our clients.
Also being innovative in our programs and destinations.
Exploradores Patagonia Ltda - Puerto Natales - Chilean Patagonia
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